The Designer

Edgar I. Comanescu

Edgar I. Comanescu: owner, designer, artist and art lover, traveller, a man who marvels and is thirsty for knowledge. He loves and appreciates his family and the other bright sides of life. Edgar I. Comanescu is pleased to advise you concerning his products and to recommend individual solutions to you.

Art and design are particularly dear to the heart of Salt Relax® designer Edgar I. Comanescu. In the Salt Relax® manufactory, he gives the material salt a modern face. His customers from the hotel business, the sophisticated restaurant trade and therapists are enthusiastic over the warm radiance of the salt lamps, the impressive effect of the salt wall in lightweight construction and the salt plates and columns for the sauna.
Salt Relax® owes its success to its highly motivated team, fresh ideas and spontaneous reactions to new challenges. Alongside our production, distribution and shipping team, we are also supported by freelance staff.

Love of detail and the promise of quality

Edgar I. Comanescu uses exclusively high-quality materials which are combined with salt tiles and bricks in various sizes. From the product idea and prototype to the finished object, Edgar Comanescu accompanies the entire production process.

The design salt lamps by Salt Relax fit extremely well in the rooms of wellness hotels, private homes and flats. The illuminated salt pictures from the “Blue Sea” series, for example, ennoble walls in lounges, bars and offices.

Brought up in a family of artists

Brought up in a family of artists, the designer discovered, early on, the most varied materials and conducted research into their characteristics. Experiments with colours and forms followed  and – very down-to-earth – he still today creates most of the required tools himself. For his objects out of salt and his way of ennobling this material are unique.

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