about us

The Salt Relax® manufactory

The team of the Salt Relax® manufactory are always open to the wishes of our customers, and have an eye on market developments. We offer you high-quality interior decorating for hotels, wellness and therapy centres, for medical practices, offices and private households – all this in an ever-growing selection.

It began with a different kind of salt light

Salt is so precious for us human beings; we would not want to present it to you in rough lumps. We prefer to combine modern design with the primeval salt, originating 500 million years ago, from salt mines in himalaya of today. Owner and designer Edgar I. Comanescu sets store by natural materials such as wood and metal, clear lines and the longevity of his products.

High-quality, natural materials

We select mountain salt very carefully: a particularly fine structure, fascinating plays of colour in white, orange and red tones, as well as meticulous processing, characterise the salt tiles and bricks that we use for salt lamps, tables, shelves, panels and salt walls. The brittle salt is processed, with tools of our own design, into salt tiles starting at a thickness of 2 cm.

We started with frames and pedestals out of various kinds of wood. In line with our customers’ wishes, we now offer salt lights, shelves and displays with a pedestal out of brushed stainless steel. Have a look at our products or get in touch with us.