Unique: the Salt Relax® sales displays

Sales Displays

Apoll Displays that sell – for table, wall and floor

Many of our clients have requested a comprehensive concept for their wellness oases, hotels and therapy centres. This is why we have now developed sales displays in the style of our other products. The displays are made of natural woods, blocks of rose salt and shelves made out of acrylic glass. Our sales displays are available in various sizes and designs out of respect for your individual furnishing style.

The model for the new sales displays is the Salt Relax® wall lamp Xihe LED. Out of this arose the new product line Apoll in the Desk, Wall and Ground designs. The unpretentious design and simple structure do not distract from

your displayed products. The displays are suitable for retail shops, for the point of sale or as elegant accompaniment for trade fairs.

Please help yourself!

The Apoll displays encourage customers on to help themselves – either in a striking manner as a table display, more discretely as a wall display or impressively as a floor display. With an Apoll display, you present jewellery, watches, cosmetics, glasses, cameras or other valuable products in a unique and exclusive way. People also like to use the floor display as a guidepost. We furnish it individually with screens and engravings.

All displays are equipped with a dimmer switch. With it, you can ideally adapt the illumination intensity to your products and room.

You can obtain the sales displays in three different designs:

The table display is suitable for smaller products which can be placed on the sales counters, for example. The displays are easy to transport and also well suited for home parties. You can obtain the table display in these sizes:

Height: 27 or 37 cm, width: 24.5 cm

Acrylic glass bases: 1 to 2 items, depth of the bases: 7 or 9 cm

The free-standing floor display with double acrylic glass bases is suitable for a dual application. The floor displays are available in the following sizes:

Height: 170 or 190 cm, width: 24.5 cm

Acrylic glass bases: at least 3 items. Upon request, more acrylic glass bases may also be used.

Depth of the bases: 7, 9 and 11 cm

The wall display can be mounted onto the wall quickly, easily, and cleanly, whether parallel with simple bases or vertically with dual bases.

Height: 85, 105, 125, 145 cm, width: 24.5 cm

Acrylic glass bases: 2 to 3 items, depth of the bases: 7, 9 or 11 cm

The displays are executed in a simple and clear manner. We are happy to comply with individual requests regarding display height and the depth of the acrylic glass bases. The displays are equipped with acrylic glass bases on both sides except for the wall display, if it is mounted parallel to the wall.

Our sales displays can be easily adapted to the given furnishing style. The following designs are possible:

Woods: any desired wood is possible. The standard is oiltreated oak. A tint is possible if desired.
Salt: classic in white/orange or sorted according to colour only in white or only in orange.
Acrylic glass bases: depth 7, 9 and 11 cm.
Design: one-sided or double-sided.
Colouring: transparent, semi-transparent or as desired.

You can receive engravings with either writing or your company logo upon request.

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu

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