Salt Columns an Tables

Helios and Bistro Table

Helios: Wellness column out of rose salt and wood

Owners of wellness and therapy centres have turned to us: they want to offer their guests rose salt in a natural, aesthetic form. In so doing, they wish to change the structure in the room as little as possible. In order to save space and allow many possibilities for use, the largest possible salt surface should be placed within the smallest possible area. Another important requirement is to dispense with glue, because it can cause fumes. … read more

Bistro table made of rose salt and wood

Are you looking for new interior ideas, unusual materials and artistic elements that offer surprises? With this bistro table, we are offering you a product that will meet your requirements: produced in a German manufactory, the design unites simple elegance and natural materials. In so doing, the integrity of the design perfectly emphasises the unique structure of the rose salt and bamboo. read more

Bistro Table 4x8 LED

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