Bistro Table

Unusual and new

Makes a fresh visual impression

Are you looking for new interior ideas, unusual materials and artistic elements that offer surprises? With this bistro table, we are offering you a product that will meet your requirements: produced in a German manufactory, the design unites simple elegance and natural materials. In so doing, the integrity of the design perfectly emphasises the unique structure of the rose salt and bamboo.

Light brings people together

The Salt Relax® bistro table gives off a warm, orange-coloured light that creates a special atmosphere in any room. People who gather together around this table sense harmony and a touch of sensuousness.

A good indoor environment with rose salt

Salt binds odours, has an antibacterial effect and purifies the air. In this way, our bistro tables contribute to a good indoor environment. Almost like a fresh breeze of pure, clear sea air. Our bistro table is welcome wherever people come together to talk with each other: at fairs and exhibitions as well as in bars, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms or at receptions, at office parties and private parties.

Material and measurements

The Salt Relax® bistro table is made of selected plates out of rose salt and exotic bamboo. The table has an overall height of 108 cm. The light column is 100 cm high. The table top measures 60 x 60 cm. The base plate measures 55 x 55 cm. If so desired, we can produce the bistro table for you with different measurements and types of wood. The natural materials make each table a unique specimen.

Quality tested

We use exclusively high-grade, tested components. The LED lamps ensure agreeable lighting, save energy and have a long service life.

Gastro-design and light objects from the Salt Relax® manufactory
With all products from the Salt Relax® manufactory, we place special value on a contemporary design and natural aesthetic. We are setting new standards of quality and workmanship with our tables, wall dividers, wall panels, columns, guideposts, bar counters and crystal-salt wall lights.


The illustration shows the bistro table out of bamboo for the Asian style and furnishing according to Feng Shui principles. The table is also available in oak and many other types of wood – always matching your furnishings. If you prefer, a round bistro table is also available. In addition, we are offering a side table with a height of approx. 50 cm. This model is especially popular in wellness areas and waiting rooms.

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu

“Of all the precious gems that the earth gives us, salt is the most precious.”
– Justus von Liebig –



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