Helios Column

Wellness column out of rose salt and wood

The requirements of our clients
Owners of wellness and therapy centres have turned to us: they want to offer their guests rose salt in a natural, aesthetic form. In so doing, they wish to change the structure in the room as little as possible. In order to save space and allow many possibilities for use, the largest possible salt surface should be placed within the smallest possible area. Another important requirement is to dispense with glue, because it can cause fumes.

The result from the Salt Relax® manufactory
We were pleased to rise to this challenge and have developed the wellness column Helios especially for therapy and massage rooms. This column is also used wherever a good indoor atmosphere is of importance: in the private sphere as well as in gastronomy, in conference rooms and in waiting rooms of doctors’ practices and law offices. Feng Shui consultants are pleased to recommend the Helios column to their clients.

The wellness columns are self-supporting and built in lightweight construction. The column in the illustration has a height of 210 cm. Since both sides of the bricks interact with the ambient air, there arises an active surface twice as large as the surface visible from the outside. On a foundation of only 37 x 37 cm, this Helios wellness column takes effect over an area of 2.7 m². This area binds odours and ensures a pleasant indoor atmosphere. Salt bricks with a total weight of 70 kg are built into this column. The bricks are fastened mechanically.

Unpack - set up - be astonished
When it is delivered, the lamp is assembled and completely equipped with LED illuminants. During operation, you simply place the column at the desired place in the room. The easy-to-use remote switch that you receive upon delivery is equipped with a dimmer.

Quality tested
We use exclusively high-grade, tested components. The LED lamps ensure agreeable light, save energy and have a long service life.
The purely mechanical construction of the column ensures that no glue fumes or other odours disturb the microclimatic conditions in your rooms.

Other products in this series
The “Helios” series consists of the Helios column, the Apoll displays and the specially designed salt lamps Aurora, Xihe, Selene and Sol. Each product is a unique specimen.

With the Poseidon modules, we are also offering you solutions for the sauna and the infrared cabinet. The salt tiles will last several years, even under the influence of daily infusions. We look forward to your inquiry!

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu


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