Table lamp, bedside lamp

The design salt lamp Luna consists of two salt tiles that are only 2 cm flat. These are mounted in a frame made ​​of high quality oak. The modern, clean lines of the table lamp are enhanced by a brushed stainless steel base.

The warm light of Luna creates a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. With the built-in dimmer you can easily adjust the brightness. The Luna table lamp is often also used as a bedside lamp.  
This table lamp is 25 cm high and 24.5 cm wide. The energy-saving, long-lasting, latest generation LEDs are integrated into the frame.

The products by Salt Relax® Manufaktur are coordinated. Matching the design of the table lamp Luna we offer displays for tables, walls and floors from the Apoll line.

A good indoor atmosphere

The salt encourages a pleasant indoor atmosphere; it binds odours, has an antibacterial effect and purifies the air.

Salt and Feng-Shui

According to the teachings of Feng-Shui, the materials salt and wood go together wonderfully. They nourish each other. The salt binds dust and allergens whilst improving the ambient air. Feng-Shui favours the use of salt in energetic room-cleaning. Negative energy patterns are thus neutralised by the salt. This procedure is known as space cleaning.

Quality tested

We use exclusively high-grade, tested components. The LED lamps ensure agreeable light, save energy and have a long service life.

Products from the manufactory for wellness and living
Salt Relax® offers you specially designed salt lamps, salt and light objects for business areas and for the private sphere. Pamper yourself and your guests with the soothing atmosphere and the warm, orange-coloured light of the salt lamps from the Salt Relax® manufactory.

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu


Luna "Wood"
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