Wall lamps out of rose salt and wood

The interplay of light and shadow

A light is a light. That is the simple yet impressive idea behind this wall lamp. The Selene wall lamp from the Salt Relax® manufactory can get by very well without a lot of embellishments. It consists of a plate of rose salt, 2.5 cm thick, that appears to float in front of its wooden frame.

The well-planned design

The frame of the wall lamp smoothly outlines the transitions to the wall and to the salt by means of shadow joints. The frame and the rose salt are connected by pins and do not touch each other. The waste heat of the wall lamp can easily escape through this gap. Through this construction, the salt cuboid interacts with the ambient air over its entire surface. Traces of minerals and ions are emitted into the room.

Products from the manufactory for wellness and living

Salt Relax® offers you specially designed salt lamps, salt and light objects for business areas and for the private sphere. Pamper yourself and your guests with the soothing atmosphere and the warm, orange-coloured light of the salt-light objects from the Salt Relax® manufactory.

A good indoor atmosphere

Salt binds odours, has an antibacterial effect and purifies the air. In this way, our salt and light objects contribute to a good indoor mood. The atmospheric light of the salt lamps is much appreciated in private households, hotels, restaurants and high-class bars. Many clients use the natural aesthetic of the Salt Relax® lamps, salt panels and salt walls for the furnishing of therapy rooms and wellness facilities or in rooms furnished according to the principles of Feng Shui teachings.

Quality tested

We use exclusively high-grade, tested components. The LED lamps ensure agreeable lighting, save energy and have a long service life.

Material and measurements

The Selene wall lamp measures 20 x 20 cm. It is made out of a rose salt plate 2.5 cm thick, mounted with metal pins onto a frame out of oiled walnut wood or out of MDF fibreboards. The MDF frames can be painted with any RAL colours. You can also order the lamp with an aluminium frame. Then it is called Sol and is available in black or silver colours.

The lamp emits a warm, orange-coloured light. The crystalline structure of the rose salt makes each design lamp a unique specimen.

“In a half-darkened room, the Selene wall lamp appears to float weightlessly, like a flat, light-filled cuboid.” Edgar I. Comanescu, Designer


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