Interior Design - Salt Wall

You can obtain a salt wall from us in whatever size you desire. We can take measurements at your location and install the salt wall for you professionally and tidily. You can select the type of wood for the frame and even the colour of the stones. We offer salt stones in white, orange and red. Thanks to this great flexibility, our salt walls fit into any given spatial concept.

Without Adhesives for a Better Indoor Environment

The salt wall is self-supporting and developed in lightweight construction. It can even be mounted during ongoing operation. The linkages are free of adhesives and glue in accordance with a patented procedure, so that no hazardous fumes can escape. Because of this, a Salt Relax® salt wall is also ideally suitable for the sauna, the infrared cabinet or for utilisation near food.

Salt and Feng-Shui

According to the teachings of Feng-Shui, the materials salt and wood go together wonderfully. They nourish each other. The salt binds dust and allergens whilst improving the ambient air. Feng-Shui favours the use of salt in energetic room-cleaning. Negative energy patterns are thus neutralised by the salt. This procedure is known as space cleaning.

Salt in the Curing Chamber for Dry Aged Beef

Our salt wall fulfils special tasks in rooms where beef is cured dry. This makes possible the production of the very popular dry aged beef. Through the antibacterial and hygroscopic characteristics of the salt, a salt wall has a very positive effect in the curing chamber: the meat acquires a fresh, nutty fragrance. With a salt wall, one can dispense with agents with which the meat is otherwise inoculated, thereby saving a great deal of time.


An illuminated salt wall makes a very impressive effect. The natural structure of the wood and stones is always enchanting, as is the warm light. Our salt wall is illuminated with durable, energy-saving LEDs. You can obtain the salt wall with or without lighting.

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu

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