Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Mini Zen Garden for relaxation and for meditation

For the manager‘s desk or for the living-room table

Mini Zengarten aus Bergsalz

The Mini Zen Garden by Salt Relax® is suitable as a gift for stressed parents, for business friends or for clients. With the Mini Zen Garden from the Salt Relax® manufactory, you are obtaining a high-quality product made in Germany.

The Material and Installation of the Mini Zen Garden

The 20 x 20 cm large, square wooden shell is made of bamboo, which lends the Mini Zen Garden an exotic and exclusive look. The edge of the shell is about 1.5 cm high; here is where you fill it with fine salt.

Then you place the five salt stones into the salt, just as you like. It should be an odd number of stones, as found in actual Japanese Zen gardens. The salt stones are two transparent and three rose-coloured stones out of rose salt. You can place the stones either individually or as a group.

With the enclosed wooden rake, you can draw fine lines, the so-called water lines, into the salt of the Mini Zen Garden. It is important that neither a beginning nor an end of the lines can be seen. Circle around the stones whilst tranquilly observing your work and discover new line forms and other paths each day. In so doing, you are following the example of Japanese Zen monks, who regard raking and observing their rock gardens as an act of meditation.

The Japanese Zen Garden

Kare-san-sui, dry landscape, is what the Zen monks call their Japanese stone gardens. The stone garden is a special form of Japanese garden originally called Zen garden or dry garden. The Zen gardens in Japan consist of gravel, larger stones and lumps of rock. Aside from the moss that spreads out over the stones, there are no plants in a Zen garden. Water is intentionally dispensed with. Instead, the water is suggested by the water lines raked into the gravel. These symbolise brooks, rivers, streams and small watercourses.

With the Mini Zen Garden, you can bring a valuable and sublime part of Japanese culture into your home.

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu


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